CASE STUDY 1: Westgate School – International Women’s Day. March 2020


The day was facilitated by ADL Connexions with participation from business volunteers to run the activities, interact with the students and share their career journeys and experiences.  ADL developed a series of activities and presentations and there was also an interactive Q&A session with a panel of career experts,

What did I do?

Welcome and Introduction to the day


Table Exercise: Discussion on day’s theme

Volunteer introductions

Exercise: An intro to key topic

Round table discussions

Keynote Speaker

Panel Q&A

Closing comments, learnings and reflections


Following the activity, the students were able to:

  • Identify their own strengths, skills and qualities
  • Discuss and understand their unique skills and build their superpower/personal brand
  • Gain a better understanding of different careers and expert advice from business volunteers
  • Meet local employers and what skills they may look for in employees


From Mrs Green, Westgate School: Yesterday was so awesome, thank you so much. The whole event was well organised in both the planning and delivery.  The energy and messages that we all got from the volunteers were powerful and uplifting. We are keen to organise another event to engage the boys but to include collaboration with the girls as part of the schedule. We need to build ambition and energy and ‘can-do’ attitudes in the boys.  Once again, a truly positive and long-lasting outcome from working with dedicated volunteers who endorse the messages that students get from teachers and support staff. Working with ADL Connexions brings light into the curriculum and enriches the day to day learning and development.

From Suzy, a student:

Today’s event was fantastic! I was really inspired by the journeys and stories of all the employers. I felt very reassured by their narratives of trying to navigate life from point A to B, experiencing imposter syndrome, and having drastic career changes.  Finally, thank you Mrs G for always going above and beyond to ensure Westgate students have all the tools and opportunities we need to thrive, I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from everybody who attended

From Andrea, a volunteer:

It was such a well organised event and the bits that I caught I enjoyed very much.  The Students were so engaged, it was nice to see.  A few of the students I spoke to after the event were really interested in becoming midwives and asked relevant questions.   An interactive event, with shared learning for all.  I learned so much from the other speakers.  I will be more than happy to take part in any future events.

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