CASE STUDY 3: Offer of support during Covid-19


Slough Borough Council and Slough CVS are working with key local community groups and organisations so that we have a coordinated effort across our borough to organise volunteers and those who need help.

As part of the One Slough Partnership, ADL Connexions was whether it would be able to connect and support local people during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Businesses would be They were asked to detail how they could help.

What did I do?

Created a list of services that I could provide.


Ongoing, currently had no calls.

Question:  I am currently supporting the community through the charity that I co-chair.  Is it a conflict to add this as part of the support?



Who would I like to work for or with?

  • Corporates with budget to enhance their corporate reputation.
  • Corporate who want to educate and engage their staff with local issues and encourage volunteering.
  • Charities with budget, but no resource to deliver programmes or projects.
  • Organisations who support diversity and inclusion.
  • Volunteers that I have recruited previously.
  • I would also like to explore facilitating events where people can discuss issues, e.g. Mental Health and Wellbeing, Life after Covid19, I imagine this would be across all ages, adults and young people.

Pricing: Hourly, half day, full day, fixed term contract (pricing would differ if charity)

Organisations that I have delivered programmes or activities with:

Osborne Property Services Ltd – paid as a consultant

Westgate School – was paid a small fee

Have done several volunteering projects – no pay

Wexham School (postponed due to Covid-19)

Organisations that I have supported

Ways Into Work (charity)

Westgate School

Organisations where I have recruited volunteers

Get Hench

Resource Productions

Reckitt Benckiser

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Department of Work & Pensions

Osborne Property Services


Current Networks:

TVWiB – Thames Valley Women in Business

WLEN – Women Leadership and Empowerment Network

She Is Sustainable