CASE STUDY 2 – Osborne Property Services, Consultant, Community Investment Manager


Osborne Property Services has been contracted to work with Slough Borough Council (SBC) to provide maintenance locally.  Part of the contract is to deliver a Community Investment Programme within a framework set by SBC.  Osborne had not delivered against some of the key areas within the community programme.  There was a need to review the current plan, explore existing activities and potential opportunities with a view to aligning the programme more closely with the local needs, by working together with local people and engaging SBC.

What did I do?

Worked with Head of Engagement and relevant internal and external stakeholders to gain understanding of the role, vision for the team and the pillars for success.

Reviewed strategic input into Community Investment Plan  

Worked with team to fully understand where Osborne currently was with the Community Investment Programme and their expectations. 

Explored existing activities and potential opportunities, capture evidence from meetings and activities, regular reporting and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. 

Measured performance against Community Investment Plan

Captured and collated all output highlighting next steps and recommendations


  • Successfully delivered the Social Return on Investment (Community Investment) Plan against KPIs.
  • Captured the vision for Osborne, the pillars for success and next steps with agreed timings and actions.
  • Researched ‘alternate’ ways of working to deliver against Osborne’s Community Investment Plan.
  • Engaged with existing and established new stakeholders and community partners.
  • Utilised technical experience, expertise and local knowledge.
  • Increased staff engagement.
  • Organised joint initiatives, which covered Slough Borough Council’s delivery partners.
  • Created and facilitated multiple community projects and engaged staff to volunteer.
  • Successful launch of Charity of the Year, engaging other businesses, local MPs and staff.
  • Mentored and handed over to new Community Investment Coordinator.


From Jo Fletcher (Engagement Manager, Osborne Property Services):

You have been a huge asset in delivering our social value commitments and know that this seamless handover will ensure Claire is fully equipped to take the reigns – although your energy and enthusiasm will be missed.

Diabetes Road Show:

Team Building activity at Haybrook College:

Gift with Love launch event: