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Who we are

Founded by Anita Herbert, award winning and passionate PR/Community Relations expert, ADL Connexions creates the tools and platforms which enable organisations to give back to the community.

We can develop bespoke products and activities for your business, that will ensure that you have happier, healthier and empowered staff to make a difference in and around where they work.

We Engage, to Inspire and Connect

Anita Herbert

Business Benefits

  • Supporting black and under-represented Communities. Align with D&I and strategic objectives

  • Increase awareness and support diverse, black and under-represented communities

  • Engage employees and improve Corporate Reputation

  • Provide individual and volunteer opportunities.

  • Establish a new programme which complements CSR programmes

  • Create programmes which complement CSR initiatives

  • Develop great news stories

  • Committed and experienced team to lead project


Empower young people to become leaders

Community groups & charities

Drive community growth through workshops and engaging others with opportunities to support them


Connect business to the community by building and managing CSR programmes


“It was such a well organised event. The students were so engaged, it was nice to see. A few of the students I spoke to after the event were really interested in becoming midwives. An interactive event with shared learning for all.”

Andrea Anderson, Head of Midwifery, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

“Today’s event was fantastic! I was really inspired by the journeys and stories of all the employers. I felt very reassured by their narratives of trying to navigate life from point A to B…”

Susy, Westgate School student

“You have been a huge asset in delivering our social value commitments and know that this seamless handover will ensure they are fully equipped to take the reigns – although your energy and enthusiasm will be missed.”

Jo Fletcher, Head of Engagement, Osborne Property Services Ltd

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Young Leaders 6 week programme




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